Learn To Pack Your Cooler Like A Pro

Cooler filled with food for a camping trip.

Whether you are planning a road trip or a day in the park, packing your cooler is necessary for the ultimate experience. If there never seems to be enough space, items always get crushed, or you really dislike wading through all the ice, To and Fro Fam has you covered with these cooler packing tips!

Ice Placement

The trick to keeping food and drink at the right level of chill depends completely on ice placement. If you have ever experienced cooler items being warm or not at the right temperature of cold, look no further. To and Fro Fam recommends a layer of solid ice or frozen packs on the bottom, a layer of loose ice in the middle–make sure to fill in all the gaps, and top the cooler off with loose ice on top.

Top Organization Tips

For anyone who needs items to be organized better, whether for visuals or to not spend a lot of time digging around, here are a few tips for you. First, you can store foods in reusable square containers. This allows for food to stay together and be easier to see and grab. Another tip is to store your food vertically. This is the best method for being able to see all the food that is in the cooler. Lastly, keep all your lunch foods together in one bag. Keeping your lunch items together will help reduce the amount of searching and make lunchtime go by like a breeze.

Food and Drink Placement

To keep all cooler items from being crushed placement is key. To and Fro Fam says that drinks should go on the bottom of the cooler. This helps the drinks stay cooler and does not crush any of the food items. Placing food in reusable square containers is also about placement, not just organization. Having food in square containers fortifies food storage and allows for you to place them on top of the beverages and middle layer of ice.

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Freezing Certain Items

A game-changing tip is freezing certain items. Freezing water bottles will add extra cool to your cooler while keeping a drink colder for longer. You can also freeze foods that you will not need for longer periods of time. If you keep frozen foods in the cooler, they will slowly thaw out over time.

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