Tips And Tricks For Off-roading In Your Jeep

Jeep Rubicon

Taking your Jeep off-roading is one of the biggest reasons many people buy their Jeeps. After all, they usually come with tons of rugged features to help you tackle changing terrain. But there’s more to successful off-roading than having the right vehicle. Here are some important tips and tricks that will help you when you go off-road in your Jeep.

Get to Know Your Car

If you are new to your car, it might not be the best time to tackle an off-road course. In fact, you should take some time to get to know your vehicle first. For example, note things like the ground clearance and break-over angles. In addition, you should also get familiar with the 4×4 system. Before you go completely off-road, try a dirt road or a simple track. There, you can get a feel for different traction options.

Climbing Lateral Incline Obstacles

Some obstacles can be tricky, and you could tip over if you don’t use the right approach. For most of these trail spots, maintaining a slow speed will work. This technique means you are accelerating but with a steady foot on the gas pedal. Sudden stopping or starting can cause the vehicle to roll.

Water Fording With Confidence

Many off-road trails will take you through areas with streams, puddles, or water-filled trenches. However, you shouldn’t assume you can easily cross, even if it looks shallow. Fortunately, a simple stick can be a helpful tool. Use it to gauge the depth of the water and look for any hidden holes and deep spots. In addition, make sure you maintain a constant speed through the water. If you go too slowly, you can get stuck. But going too quickly can cause the water to flood into your Jeep.

Snow Playing Around

Avoid fast starts and sudden stops on snow. Even with the right tires, you could skid into rocks or other dangerous things. Also, check to see if your Jeep has a Snow mode. This mode can help you maintain traction. But sometimes you can skid even if you are driving carefully. If you feel your car skid, steer in the opposite direction. And try to avoid jerking the steering wheel hard in one direction or another.

Downhill Dos and Don’ts

Another tricky spot you might encounter is a steep downhill turn. You might think you need to approach it at an angle, but this could cause you to tip over. Instead, straighten your wheels at the crest and head down. Of course, your vehicle might have a hill descent feature, which can greatly help.

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Keep Your Car in Tip Top Shape

You might know how to tackle all the complex parts of the trail. But if your car needs repairs or key maintenance, you could break down in a bad spot. At Cavender CJDR in Columbus, Texas, you can rely on the service department. Make sure you take care of all your maintenance and repairs before heading off-road for a safer adventure.

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