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The Best Beef Seasoning

Raw piece of meat, beef ribs.
Your best beef seasoning doesn’t have to be complex. A few simple ingredients go into this homemade mix. The fun part is that you can adjust the recipe to suit your taste. Add in a few ingredients or reduce others to get a customized seasoning that you’ll love to use... [read more]

Remember To Hydrate On Long Days Outside!

Woman drinking water after a run
It’s tough to hydrate properly when your mind is on other things, but staying healthy means getting enough water during the long summer days ahead outside. You can use a few simple but effective techniques to make sure you’re never putting yourself at too much risk of dehydration. Nourish your body... [read more]

Find Your Dream Car Right From Home

Woman surfing the internet and relaxing at home
Times are changing, but our commitment at Cavender CJDR to service excellence remains the same. You want more choices in how you shop with us, and we are listening. You can explore our huge selection of cars from the comfort of your home from start to finish. And if you have questions,... [read more]

Grab A Home-Cooked Bite At Schobels Restaurant

Buttermilk pancakes on a diner table
Since 1979, Schobels Restaurant has served the Columbus, Texas, community with delicious meals. Brothers Andy and Bob Schobel grew up in Columbus and wanted to share home-cooked favorites inspired by their mother Nolie “Nan” Schobel. In 2004, the next generation took over as Andy’s son Ryan stepped in. Homestyle cooking... [read more]