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The Best Beef Seasoning

Raw piece of meat, beef ribs.
Your best beef seasoning doesn’t have to be complex. A few simple ingredients go into this homemade mix. The fun part is that you can adjust the recipe to suit your taste. Add in a few ingredients or reduce others to get a customized seasoning that you’ll love to use... [read more]

Remember To Hydrate On Long Days Outside!

Woman drinking water after a run
It’s tough to hydrate properly when your mind is on other things, but staying healthy means getting enough water during the long summer days ahead outside. You can use a few simple but effective techniques to make sure you’re never putting yourself at too much risk of dehydration. Nourish your body... [read more]

Grab A Home-Cooked Bite At Schobels Restaurant

Buttermilk pancakes on a diner table
Since 1979, Schobels Restaurant has served the Columbus, Texas, community with delicious meals. Brothers Andy and Bob Schobel grew up in Columbus and wanted to share home-cooked favorites inspired by their mother Nolie “Nan” Schobel. In 2004, the next generation took over as Andy’s son Ryan stepped in. Homestyle cooking... [read more]

Beef Up Your Burger This Summer

Woman eating burger
Nothing screams summertime like fresh burgers off the grill in the backyard. Treat your family to a special burger night with these 7 tips for amping up your basic burger. Grind Your Own Burger Meat With a stand mixer, a grinding attachment, and a good relationship with a butcher, you can make... [read more]

Long Days Under the Sun Call For The Best SPF

Woman applying sunscreen at sports event
Summer days in Columbus, Texas are, as we all know, hot. You and your family are bound to spend most of it outside. Stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays with the best SPF. Check out these sunscreen tips from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Full Protection The sun... [read more]

Tips To Save Money Until The Cows Come Home

Dairy cows feeding in a free livestock stall
Keeping up with cows may seem expensive, as you already have enough mouths to feed when counting your family. Why add more? You might be surprised to learn that it doesn't cost as much as you think, and we've collected ten tips from Successful Farming for saving even more. Know the... [read more]

Update Your Patios For The Summertime

Patio set up with outdoor furniture and decorations
Summertime is well underway, which means the heat is cranking up. After a chilly winter and pollen-filled spring, it'll be nice to enjoy the warm weather and fresh air. If your patio space needs some updating, but you're on a budget, look no further than these tips. Once finished, your... [read more]

Rock Out To The Rick Cavender Band

Musician playing guitar.
Live music is returning to stages across Texas, and The Rick Cavender Band is tuning up to perform again. Get to know this San Antonio ensemble and keep an eye on their calendar for their next show! Something for Everyone With more than 30 years of experience, the band has developed a... [read more]

Try These Favorite Mosquito Repellents

Woman spraying mosquito repellant while hiking
The first day of summer is Sunday, June 20th, and you know what that means — warmer weather, a ray of beaming sunshine, and the inevitable bugs. Mosquito bites are downright painful and itchy, but don't let the possibility of bugs keep you from enjoying the beautiful season. These five... [read more]

The Magnolia Days Festival Is Coming Up

Little boy feeding sheep
The sun is out, which means your littles are soon to be stir-crazy! A wonderful way to get out of the house and celebrate the city you live in is to attend this year's Magnolia Days Festival. This tradition runs deep in Columbus, so we know you're going to want... [read more]