7 Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle Smelling Fresh

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No one wants a car with a bad smell. Often, we spend so much time in our cars that when it has a bad smell we fixate on them like we would in our home. The good news for you is that CarsDirect has seven tips for you on how to keep your car smelling nice and clean.

Getting Rid of Scents and Smoke

Many smells can be taken care of if you vacuumed your car. Dog hair and smell, along with crumbs and full pieces of food, when left alone can start to fester in your car. Vacuuming your car helps pick up these items and takes care of their smells. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to help get into hard-to-reach spaces.

If you smoke in your car, it can be difficult to remove the smell. Cigarette smoke can cling to the interior but can also seep into the duct system and come through every time you blast air or heat. CarsDirect suggests that you open the hood of your car and spray air deodorizer through the intake valve.

Natural and DIY Fixes

Baking soda neutralizes many different orders. If you have a spill in your car, sprinkle baking soda on it and rub it in. After leaving the baking soda for a few hours, vacuum it up and enjoy a fresh-smelling interior again!

If you are looking for another natural solution to lingering smells, use a piece of charcoal. Charcoal naturally absorbs odors. The coal you use for grilling works well. Take a piece and place it in your car for a few days and once you notice that the smell is gone, throw it away.

Masking the smell is also always a solution. If you want a natural way to mask the odor, you can take cotton balls and place either vanilla, mint, or citrus extract on them. If coffee is a smell you love, place a container of coffee grounds in the car. Having a small glass container and placing a few wax melts in works wonders too. All that matters is that you enjoy the scent.

Taking Care of Hazardous Smells

Some smells need immediate attention and should not be masked. If you smell gas in the car, you more than likely have a leak. You immediately need to find the leak and have it taken care of. A gas leak can lead to a fire.

Seeking a Professional’s Help

When all else fails, hire a professional to help get your car smelling nice again. Some smells need a professional’s touch to come out and others might not ever go away. While this is a more expensive option, for some car owners it is worth it to have a clean-smelling vehicle again.

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Car Air Fresheners

While natural and DIY solutions are nice, sometimes convenience is needed for a busy schedule. If you have a busy life, try buying premade car air fresheners. Many companies sell air fresheners that attach to the air vents in cars to leave a car smelling nice.

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