Start Your Day With Breakfast And Coffee

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Although you might commonly skip breakfast, you shouldn’t. After all, this meal energizes both your body and your mind. However, rather than make this morning meal at home, grab something delicious at Café Latte. Not only will you discover all kinds of amazing breakfast foods but also fantastic coffee.

A Brief History

Laurie, and her husband Ricky, opened Café Latte in 2005. Initially, they ran the business out of a small space in La Grange, Texas. What made this venture special is that the couple’s children worked alongside them. Then in 2011, they shared ownership with their daughter, Christina.

From the age of 14, she spent hours supporting her parents by working in their restaurant. Then just one year later, Christina founded Café Latte in Columbus, Texas. Not only does the establishment serve homemade breakfast foods and hot, delicious coffee, but also sandwiches and more.

Samples of Café Latte’s Menu

Breakfast Foods

Here are some of the yummy things on the menu to start your day:

  • Paninis – You can choose different options. That includes bacon, egg, and cheese, as well as Café Latte’s loaded version that contains both veggies and meat.
  • Biscuits
  • Quiche
  • Oatmeal
  • Breakfast Bowls

Sandwiches, Wraps, and Salads

Café Latte can accommodate if you prefer lunch over breakfast. Again, these are just a few of the menu items you’ll find there:

  • Italian Melt
  • Turkey Chipotle
  • Southwest Wrap
  • Ranch Wrap
  • Chicken Avocado Salad

All of the sandwiches come with either pasta salad or chips. In addition, you can opt for a half or full sandwich.


You can grab a cup of coffee to go with your breakfast or lunch, or as a pick-me-up. Here are just a few of its specialties:

  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Snickers
  • Creamy Coconut
  • White Mocha

However, Café Latte has an impressive selection of other beverages, including hot and cold teas, smoothies, and lemonade.

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A Local Hot Spot

Whether you live in Columbus, Texas, or you plan to visit, it’s worth going to Café Latte. Along with fantastic menu items, everyone at this restaurant takes pride in the quality of service shown to customers. In addition, you can choose from various bakery items, all homemade using the finest ingredients available.

Moreover, Café Latte offers catering. That includes sandwich and cookie platters, a wrap tray, brownies, scones, muffins, and the list goes on. So, if you need help with an upcoming event, Café Latte won’t disappoint.

The delicious foods and beverages, hospitality, and affordable prices are some of the reasons why this café stands apart from others.

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