Essential Springtime Farm Prep

Baby calf with mother

Busy season is upon our farmer friends! Find out how you can care for and prepare your land and livestock this spring.

Moisture Overload

The winter was dry, but the spring always seems to be wet. It rains nonstop during March and April, and if you don’t take certain measures, the overload of moisture will wash out your field, flooding everything. Make sure your drainage is working properly so that your field stays strong. While crops need rain to flourish, too much of a good thing isn’t such a good thing.

Care for Your Livestock

Let your livestock out of the barn! It’s no longer the chilly winter, and they are ready to enjoy the heat for a change. Clean the pens, ensure the fences do not need to be repaired, and examine your livestock to ensure they are spring-ready. If any of your livestock is expected to give birth this season, monitor their pregnancies closely, as well as nursing post-birth. As always, ensure they have the nutrients they need.

Sap from the Trees

As spring blooms, so does the sap! Study up on how to care for your tapping trees and have your maple syrup or maple sugar ready for all of your customers this season.

Plan Ahead for Field Trips

Be prepared for nearby schools districts to start reaching out about setting up field trips for their students to come see what farm life is really all about. To cater to students and their grade level, talk with the educators to see which farm experiences their students would best benefit from.

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