Vehicle Care Tips For This Spring

Close-Up Of Hand holding pressure gauge to check tire pressure

The first day of spring is this upcoming Sunday, March 20! The heat is cranking up, the pollen is anywhere and everywhere, and of course, what people dread the most – it’s time to deep clean your space. Although, spring cleaning goes far beyond your house. Don’t ignore your vehicle and have it ready for the new season with these tips.

No More Debris

The brutal winter winds left clutter all over your vehicle. Check under your vehicle’s hood for debris like leaves. These little pieces can block proper airflow, which will decrease your vehicle’s performance, leading to further issues.

Winter Tires

If you put winter tires on your vehicle, there’s no need for those anymore! Replace them with all-weather tires. The winter tires are helpful through those icy, cold months, but they will cost you fuel.

Don’t Forget the Undercarriage

Your undercarriage needs some TLC too. Take the extra time to rinse out the underside.

Smells Will Build Up

Plenty of factors play into making your vehicle smell bad. The kid’s gym bags, leftover fast-food wrappers, and trash can stink up your ride quickly. Go on a hunt for any trash laying around the car and trash it all. Once the cleanout is complete, leave baking soda or coffee grounds in your vehicle overnight to rid the bad smells. Spring sounds like it’s going to be a fresh start!

New Wiper Blades

You know the saying – April showers bring May flowers! With spring comes rain, so be sure to have a fresh set of wiper blades installed. Stop by our service center for a replacement.

Tire Pressure

It’s time to check your tire pressure too. Check your vehicle’s owner manual for your vehicle’s ideal tire pressure. The preferred tire pressure levels will save you gas.

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Time for a Check-Up

It never hurts to head to your trusted auto service center at Cavender Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM for a seasonal check-up. While everything may seem to be running just fine, we help our customers find minor problems before they turn into major ones. Contact us today or set up your service appointment online!

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