Tailgating Just Got Easier With These 5 Hacks

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Tailgating for your team’s games is a time-honored tradition and a great way to gather with family and friends. But you want your tailgating party in Columbus, TX, to be lots of fun and very little stress. And with a little bit of planning, you can rock your next tailgating party and spend more time hanging out and enjoying the fun. Try these five hacks to make your tailgating parties easier.

Freeze Water Bottles

Keep the party going and the food and drinks fresh by packing your cooler smart. Ice cubes will quickly melt, leaving you with slushy water and lukewarm beverages. You’ll need to hydrate while you’re partying. So, freeze water bottles to keep everything ice cold and provide refreshingly chilled water as they melt.

A Big Toolbox

A hefty toolbox can easily convert to a complete tailgating kit ready to roll out when you are. Keep your spatulas and skewers organized. Also, make sure you never forget a bottle opener again by stocking a tailgating toolbox that you can throw in the back of your vehicle. And if you’re tailgating in less than pleasant weather, you could add a second toolbox full of blankets, tarps, and rain ponchos. That way, you can keep going even if Mother Nature joins the party.

A Load of Garbage

Trash happens at the tailgating party, but you don’t want to be a bad sport and litter. When you get your toolbox at the hardware store to make your kit, grab a five-gallon bucket. Then you can line it with trash bags. That way, you’ll have a stable and clear place for people to throw their trash away without making a big mess.

Corral the Condiments

Once you’ve finished a six-pack of drinks, don’t throw the cardboard carrier in the recycling bin just yet. Those carriers can live longer as condiment carriers at your next tailgating party. Set up your grill area and have your favorite sauces organized into six-pack carriers. You’ll look organized and have your favorite hot sauce at the ready.

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Wash Your Hands of It

In many tailgating locations, you’re not close to a sink and soap to wash those sticky hands before and after eating. Make a portable handwashing station that you can quickly set up. You can either buy a water storage container or thoroughly rinse out one of those large laundry detergent containers with a spigot. Label your container so that everyone knows it’s the handwashing station. Then, place a soap dispenser or hand sanitizer nearby. If you are not in a place where you can let the water run onto the ground, position a bucket underneath and dispose of the used water when you wrap up your party.

Make tailgating fun again with these easy hacks designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

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