Grab Coffee And A Bite At Latte Café

barista serving coffee

Do you find yourself going to the same restaurants over and over? It’s easy to get in a rut, but you can make a big change by visiting Latte Café in Columbus, TX. From the friendly atmosphere to the delicious food and coffee, the hidden gem might become your go-to spot. Before you head over, check out some of the most popular items on the menu. Then you can head over, place your order, and dive into the delicious flavors.

Start With a Coffee

When a restaurant has the word “latte” in its name, you know the coffee is going to be divine, and the Latte Café does not disappoint. Some people come for coffee alone, and this isn’t canned coffee, either. It’s the real deal, and you have tons of options. Now, if you want the best coffee experience, try the Specialty Latte. The flavorful beverage is so good that it’s hard to drink just one.

Try the Paninis

You’ve likely had your share of paninis over the years, but they probably weren’t as good as what you’ll find at the Latte Café. The café doesn’t skimp on the ingredients, so you’ll get a mouthful of flavor with each bite. So, the only question is, which of the paninis should you order? The Turkey, Bacon, Avocado Panini is the biggest seller, and you’ll know why after the first bite. The flavor is on point without being overwhelming. Thus, you can enjoy the blend of ingredients and toasty bread.

Now, if you come for breakfast, you can still try one of the iconic paninis. This time, though, go with the Loaded Breakfast Panini. It lives up to its claims of being “loaded,” so you’ll get plenty of energy to fuel you through the day.

Enjoy a Slice of Quiche

Actually, if you go for breakfast, you’ll have a big choice to make. Should you go with the breakfast panini or a slice of quiche? It’s a tough call, but the buttery flavor, flaky crust, cream cheese, and spinach are a great way to start your day. It might just be a slice, but you won’t walk away hungry.

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Or Maybe a Scone

Ordering breakfast is even more difficult when you consider the scones. They’re made fresh daily and smell so good that it’ll be hard to say no. The brown sugar scone is the standout in this category. It is sweet without being overpowering, so you won’t get a full-on sugar rush when eating it.

If you’ve never visited this café, make a point to stop by soon. It might be a small café, but it’s big on delicious flavors and southern hospitality.

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