Put A Twist On Your Next Game Of Hide And Seek

Kids playing hide and seek with their family

While there are countless kid’s games on the market today, you can’t go wrong with an old-school round of hide and seek. Although there isn’t anything more thrilling than finding the best hiding spot, it never hurts to implement a few rules or changes to spice things up. Next time you round up your kiddos for a game for hide and seek, use these four variations of the game. Your kids will never be bored in the house again!


Although this version may seem pretty similar to a traditional game of hide and seek, there are additional twists of fun. Once the seeker finds their first hider, the hider joins the hunt. Next, along their journey, if a hider spots another hider before the seeker, they exchange a wave, allowing them to find a new hiding spot. This game could go on for hours and hours, so endless laughs and giggles are ahead.


Do you love the outdoors? If so, this is the version of hide and seek that’s perfect for your family. Round up five players, and let’s get started with the overdue fun. Start the game in a large, wooded space, and have the seeker stand in a circle drawn in the dirt. Once every hider finds their sneaky spot, the seeker can open their eyes. If they spot anyone from standing in their circle, those hiders are automatically out. Once those hiders are weeded out of the game, crank things up a notch, as the hiders will run and tag the seeker as he or she counts down again. Things will be interesting with an outdoor game of camouflage hide and seek, but make sure you dress the part too.


Who loves to be in the spotlight? If your child doesn’t mind taking the lead, they will love this version of hide and seek. In this particular game, only one person goes to hide and the rest of the participants goes out on their own to find the hider. Once someone finds them, rather than calling the game quits, the participant will join them. One by one, as the hider is found, participants will join them in their hiding spot. Once there is only one seeker left, they lose and the game is over. There’s nothing like a little healthy competition!

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Is your family full of capture the flag fans? If so, they’ll love this hide and seek and capture the flag game mixture. First things first, make sure you try playing the game outdoors. Divide your participants into two groups, as one team seeks and the other hides. The object of the game is for the seekers to capture the hiders, escorting them to “jail.” Although, things are sure to get interesting because the hiders can help them break out of the “jail.”

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