Get Ready For The Gedenke! Festival

The musicians were playing rock music on stage

The upcoming weekend will be an exciting one for two vastly different but incredibly important reasons. First, Mother’s Day is on May 8, so don’t forget to send a gift or spend some time with your mom. And while not quite as significant (but pretty close), the Gedenke! Festival will be in Weimar, TX, on May 6 and 7, meaning you can hang out for a couple of days and still make it back in time to see your mom on her special day.

And since it’s free to attend, you won’t even have to dig into your Mother’s Day gift budget to enjoy some Texas hospitality and German hospitality. The free admission is one of the many reasons this festival is one of the most popular in the area. Thus, check out the highlights so you can add some additional reasons to what is sure to be an ever-growing list.

Jam Out to Two Days of Live Music

Music is a big part of Texan and German culture, so it makes sense that Gedenke! has two full days of live tunes. Seven bands will take the stage, including the Rick Cavender Band. The band is Texas through and through and has performed with and opened for some of country music’s biggest stars, including Willie Nelson and George Strait. But at the same time, the guys have been known to play music from the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and other rock bands, so you can’t define them by genre. Instead, prepare yourself for a fun show full of hit songs. You can even sing along when they tackle one of your favorite hits.

While a standout, that’s far from the only impressive band that’ll perform during the festival. All seven bands are full of talented performers, and they’ll treat you to different styles and genres of music. And that includes polka, so this festival truly hits all the notes.

Watch Pitmasters Perform Before Chowing Down

Food is also in ample supply at Gedenke! First, get that appetite going by attending the BBQ Cook-Off on Friday and Saturday. Your stomach will chime in as soon as it catches the first hint of barbecue chicken, beef, beans, and other goodies. Once it gets loud enough for others to notice, you can leave the cook-off and grab some food that’s ready to eat. Whether you are interested in some Texas-style cuisine or prefer food that celebrates the German culture, you’ll have plenty of choices to satisfy your tastebuds.

Check Out the Games and Rides

You’ll want to scarf down your food quickly because the kids are going to be ready to check out the activities, games, and rides. If you want to challenge your kiddos, you can face off in a skill game. On the other hand, you can turn your brain off and hop on a carnival ride for a thrill. And when you’re done, you can go to the next activity, ride, or game. There’s seriously so much to do that even rambunctious kids forget the words “I’m bored” while they’re at the festival.

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Do a Little Shopping

If you like to shop local, bring some money along to Gedenke! Local vendors set up booths that contain everything from candles to jewelry. With so much stuff, you can find gifts and even buy yourself something special.

And this is just the beginning of what you’ll find at the festival. On top of all of this, you can attend a parade and check out the car and tractor show. You can also participate in other activities and events. Thus, make plans to spend both days at the festival so you can take it all in this year.

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