Check Your Horse Tack Before Hitting Any Trail

Saddle with stirrups on a back of a sport horse

Whether for work or pleasure, horse riding requires some skills. Furthermore, you can’t go along for a ride unless you have the right horse tack and gear. When you are prepared, you can enjoy and experience more and have the success you want. There are plenty of options available in equipment and accessories. Check out some of the essentials so you can feel ready to hit the trails.

The Saddle

You can’t take a horse out on a trail unless you have a quality, durable saddle. The right one will benefit you and the horse. For instance, if the saddle isn’t fitting correctly, it can cause pain to your horse. At the same time, a poorly fitting saddle will make things uncomfortable for you. Make sure there’s enough space that the underside of the saddle won’t touch the horse’s withers or spine. In addition, you’ll want to place a folded sheet or pillowcase on the horse’s back to make sure the saddle fits well. If, after a ride, the sheet is evenly damp, it means the saddle fits properly.

Saddle Pad

Secondly, you’ll need to put a pad under the saddle at all times, not just the first time you use the saddle when you check for its fit. A good saddle pad will protect the horse and the saddle. The pad should be at least an inch thick. Select a pad that will conform to the horse’s back, and that is durable. The pad needs to cushion and cool the horse’s back. It also won’t hurt to put a washable underliner below the saddle pad.


The bridle will be essential on a ride to keep your horse going the right way. A halter-bridle is a popular choice among riders, but you can also use other varieties. Importantly, the halter should fit the horse comfortably. Ensure that it is not rubbing on its cheekbones or pinching the bit. Additionally, bring along a lead rope so you can tie your horse when you need to stop. The rope should be strong, but don’t snap the end to the halter while you are riding.

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Look for the least severe bit to control your horse for best results. Some bits can be too harsh and be hard on your horse. You can tell whether your horse is doing well with the bit you have given it. If its mouth appears relaxed and its neck muscles aren’t tense, the bit is comfortable. Lastly, pay close attention to the bit. It shouldn’t be too high or too low in the horse’s mouth. You may need to adjust it during the ride.

Your next ride can be enjoyable for both you and your horse. Make sure you follow these guidelines when you choose your horse tack.

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