Add These Breathtaking Texas Locations To Your Road Trip List

Family loading a car trunk before the road trip

Anytime is a good excuse to make a road trip. The neat thing is, you don’t even have to go far to find some gorgeous places and see some amazing, exciting sites. Not far from Columbus, Texas, are great road trip destinations that everyone in your family can enjoy. Explore these options and make your next outing a memorable one. You can even hit all of these throughout the year or even return for a second or third visit.

Blue Hole and River Riding Ranch

This is a good spot to stop at for a few hours or to stay overnight. Located in Leakey, Texas, this gorgeous area is famous for its swimming hole surrounded by canyons. Furthermore, the water is crystal clear and serene. But swimming isn’t the only activity to enjoy here. Found on a private ranch, the swimming hole has fishing opportunities as well. Moreover, the area is ideal for hiking and challenging your Jeep on the many nearby trails. In all, there are 3,400 acres to explore. If you stay overnight, you can book accommodations at the ranch’s cabins, which are modern and have all the conveniences you need.

Dragon Park

Found in Dallas, Dragon Park is a popular local attraction. However, it’s also a spot that attracts people from all over. This park appeals especially to kids, thanks to its medieval theme. You’ll find statues of fairies, gargoyles, and, of course, dragons. There is plenty of space to walk around and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. There are peaceful, colorful gardens and spots to rest and meditate. The park also has playgrounds and perfect spots for pictures. People come here for family parties and events, including weddings. Lastly, you can spend a few hours here or even make a good part of the day out of your visit.

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Cave Without a Name

In Boerne, Texas, there is a dazzling natural cave. Among the rolling hills, this gem is a fabulous place to take an excursion. The collection of stalactites, stalagmites, and soda straws will mesmerize you. There are six major areas of the cave. Also, you’ll love that it’s never cold inside — always 66 degrees. The walking trails are easy to manage. Moreover, there is enough lighting to show you the way and keep you from feeling nervous.

The cave has much more to offer, though. It’s also famous for its concerts in its unique setting. The Throne Room, where concerts take place, holds 200 people. You can make reservations today for visits between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Try something different for your next road trip. Each of these three locations has something different and fun to offer for everyone in your group. Now, take out your calendar and find some time to see these marvelous sights.

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