Tow Your Livestock With A Powerful RAM Truck

Transportation of cattle in a cage truck.

Need to tow your livestock around Columbus, Texas, or beyond? A RAM truck is an incredibly powerful option. It has a high towing capacity to make it simple to tow as many livestock as you need to.

Maximum Towing Capacity That is More than Enough

Everyone has a different type of livestock trailer. No matter which one you have, there is likely a RAM truck with enough capacity to handle it. For the most powerful version of the truck, opt for the 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel engine. This will give you the ability to tow 20,000 pounds with your 2021 RAM 2500.

To maximize payload, opt for the 6.4-liter HEMI V8 instead. This engine will let you haul up to 4,010 pounds. You can still tow 17,350 pounds.

Smart Towing Features to Make Life Easier

A powerful RAM 2500 will also feature smart towing features. These make it easier to bring your livestock to your destination. For example, the 360-degree surround-view camera features Trailer Reverse Guidance View. This view includes five cameras, so you can see everything around you. You can also add Trailer Camera Prep to add two more cameras to the trailer.

The Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System gives you one less thing to worry about. This can give you a Trailer Light Check. It can also give you live readings of tire pressure for four trailers, with as many as 12 tires on each trailer.

Remember to opt for the Fifth-Wheel/Gooseneck Prep Package. This will give you factory-installed rear-axle structural cross members with integrated mounting hardware.

Even the act of hooking up the trailer is a breeze. This comes thanks to the Bed Lowering Mode on the Auto-Level Rear Air Suspension. This feature lets you lower the bed as much as possible before connecting the trailer.

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Tips for Seamless Livestock Towing

Whether you use a RAM truck or another pickup to tow your livestock, you want to keep some basic tips in mind.

Before you even start to connect the trailer to the truck, inspect everything. These include the brakes, tires, wiring connections, safety chains, and latches. Do another inspection after connecting the trailer to ensure it is secure.

You also want to pay attention to more than just the tow rating before hooking up a trailer. Check the gross vehicle weight and the combined vehicle rating. Confirm they are fine for your trailer. Another tip for weight is to distribute it carefully. Remember to put the heavier animals close to the front axles.

For help configuring a RAM truck to tow livestock, talk to our team at Cavender Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM in Columbus, Texas. We’ll be glad to assist.

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