Prep Your Car For Trade-In With These Tips

Woman vacuuming her car upholsteryYou’ve decided it’s time to whip around a new ride, and that’s exciting! Although, first things first, you have to decide what to do with your current vehicle, so go the easy route and value your trade with us. Here at Cavender Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, we carry a large assortment of pre-owned vehicles, and chances are, your ride is just what our lot is missing. While we always offer outstanding cash offers, if you want to get the most money for your ride possible, check out these trade-in preparation tips.  After all, there’s nothing better than a hefty down payment to put towards your brand new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or RAM.

Clean, Clean, and Clean!

When you buy a car, you are drawn to its freshness, right? The interior is crisply vacuumed, there’s not a stain or crumb on the floor, and the exterior looks like it’s received a wax. If you want your vehicle to “sell” well to a dealership, you need to clean it — all over. Start by vacuuming the inside and removing all of your personal items, followed by treating any stains. Also, deep clean and wax the exterior, or have it detailed. After all, no dealership expects a pre-owned vehicle to be in perfect condition, but the first impression is everything.

Fix the Little Things

If there are costless or low-cost items you can fix on your own, go to the trouble to do them. Whether you need to refill fluids, have lights replaced, or get a fresh oil change, these small to-dos can overall go a long way when it comes to the value of your vehicle. Also, perform a DIY inspection and check for any dents or paint dings that you can easily fix.

Gather the Documents

You’ve taken great care of your ride, so now it’s time to prove it.  You will definitely need your car’s title, but also bring along service records and registration, or just anything that proves the vehicle’s true value.

Extras Mean Extra Cash

If you have two sets of keys, make sure to bring along both, as this will raise your appraisal. Also, if you have any accessories for deluxe features, make sure you bring those, too. For example, some navigation systems require a DVD or SD card.

Understand the Vehicle’s Value

Before we give you a firm price, you can get a ballpark idea of what to expect with the help of Kelly Blue Book. Go ahead and value your trade today!

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Find Your New Ride at Cavender Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

Now that you’re ready to pass off your vehicle to our Cavender Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM in Colombus, Texas, it’s time to start car shopping. Look no further than our fantastic inventory of vehicles!

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