Tidy Up the House After Christmas

Christmas and New Year decorations popping out the box on the floor

There’s something special about having family members and friends come over during the holiday. You get to enjoy a delicious meal, sip on hot apple cider, and enjoy good conversation. However, after everyone leaves, you’re left with an untidy house. Instead of feeling stressed, consider these tips.

Stay Positive

Even if your house looks messy after guests try to clean up, maintain a positive attitude. After all, they at least tried to clean up. The other thing is, it’s not worth letting a bad attitude ruin a memorable occasion. In the big scheme of things, a little untidiness is no reason to get upset.

Take Your Time

Remind yourself that you don’t need to tackle every task simultaneously. Instead, relax that same evening and then in the morning, focus first on cleaning up wrapping paper and pine needles. From there, you can shift to putting the Christmas ornaments and lights away. By doing everything in pieces, you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Separate Trash From Recycling and Donations

Tidying up your home after the holidays is a perfect opportunity to sort through things. You can create one pile for trash, another for recycling, and a third for donations. You end up with a clean house and have done something good for others.

Store the Entire Tree

In other words, instead of storing the lights and ornaments separate from the tree, wrap the entire thing with Cellophane. Many people do this, and it’s an excellent way to save valuable time. Also, when the next Christmas holiday rolls around, they unwrap the tree, and it’s ready to enjoy.

Display One Item

This is fun for the kids. Rather than store everything, keep one item out. For instance, you could set an ornament inside a curio cabinet. This serves two purposes. First, it’s a reminder of the great time you had with family members and friends. Second, it’ll inspire you for next year. You could even frame a picture your child made at school instead of putting it away.

Make Cleanup a Game

Even if you have younger kids, they can still help tidy up the house after guests leave. Don’t make it a chore but rather a game. Come up with little rewards for the first to complete a specific task. It won’t take long before you have everything in its proper place.

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Enjoy the Mess

That might sound odd, but before you panic or rush to clean up, sit back and enjoy what you see. Every piece of wrapping paper on the floor represents a happy person. Every empty cup shows that you showed your guests hospitality. So take it all in and enjoy.

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