Choose The Right Lure For The Fish You’re Hunting For

Young man teaching a brother how to tie a knot on the fishing line.

Getting ready to reel in some fish in Columbus, TX? You will want to make sure that you have the right lure to attract the fish you hope to catch. Lures come in so many shapes and sizes that they can sometimes be overwhelming. The good news is that most lures will help you catch a full range of fish types. However, some do best with certain types of fish.

When to Use Jigs

Like most of the other lures on this list, jigs are incredibly versatile lures. You can use them to attract hybrid bass, white bass, striped fish, black bass, sea trout, red drum, crappies, and flounders. This type of lure has a head made of metal or lead to give it weight. The tail of the lure is made of animal hair, soft plastic, feathers, or rubber.

The key to choosing the right jig lure for the fish you’re hunting is to think about the pattern, size, and color you want. There are so many options available that you shouldn’t have an issue picking.

When to Use Plugs

Consider going with a plug lure if you want to catch flounder, red drum, seatrout, hybrid bass, white bass, striped, white, crappie, or black bass fish.

Plugs are commonly made from wood, plastic, and cork. You will see about two treble hooks on the plugs to catch the fish. They are crankbaits and topwater since they work well for fish shallow-, medium-, or deep-diving fish.

When to Use Soft Plastic Lures

Go with a soft plastic lure if you want to catch flounder, black bass, red drums, or sea trout. These lures look like the bait that the fish eat, and you can use them with jig heads and spinnerbaits.

When to Use Spoons

Consider using spoons for your lures if you want one of several offshore species: flounder, red drum, hybrid bass, white bass, black bass, striped, or sea trout fish. Spoons are metal lures that get their name from their spoon shape. The lures look similar to a baitfish, either swimming or injured.

You can use spoons in several ways. Some fishermen prefer to cast the line and reel fish in. Others prefer to jiggle the lure up and down to get the fish’s attention. Others just let them drag on a fishing line behind your boat, so it looks like they are baitfish swimming.

If you are worried about your line getting twisted when it’s time to retrieve your fish, add a swivel to your spoon. This is an easy upgrade that can save you plenty of hassle.

When to Use Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits work well to attract crappies, rainbow trout, and black bass. These lures are the ones with spinning or rotating blades that sit on a straight wire shaft. They tend to feature bodies and tails made of soft plastic, animal hair, rubber, or feathers.

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When to Use a Fly or Popper

If you aren’t sure which lure to use, go with a popper or fly. Nearly every sport fish in Texas will go for these lures. There are small and most popular for flyfishing.

Now all that’s left to do is grab your gear and lures and head to your favorite Columbus fishing spot.

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