Remember To Hydrate On Long Days Outside!

Woman drinking water after a run

It’s tough to hydrate properly when your mind is on other things, but staying healthy means getting enough water during the long summer days ahead outside. You can use a few simple but effective techniques to make sure you’re never putting yourself at too much risk of dehydration. Nourish your body and make outdoor activities more fun and rewarding with these easy tips to hydrate yourself.

Fun With Flavors

A few seconds of chopping in the kitchen can give you some tasty additions to your water. Throwing a few slices of fruit into your cup not only adds a bright touch but also gives your water a refreshing flavor. Punch up your water even more with a few slices of cool cucumber or a handful of herbs. Infusing your water like this gives you a big flavor without unhealthy added sugars. The longer you leave the yummy fruits and herbs in your water, the stronger the flavor will be.

There’s a (Water) App for That

There are apps for just about everything these days, and that includes tracking your water intake. Sometimes we think we’re doing fine — but perhaps we aren’t drinking as much water as we think we are. Lots of apps will help you track your water with a few clicks. There’s something so satisfying about checking off yet another box and seeing yourself get closer to your water goals.

Hydrate Before Every Meal

You might not want to bother with opening an app to track, but you still want to make hydration a habit. Try drinking a glass of water before each meal. Not only will you hydrate regularly, but you may also even cut back on extra calories — hello, summer body, right? Setting a simple habit goal, like drinking a cup of water before each meal, can become automatic over time.

Tech Can Help You Hydrate

You might be one of those people who struggle with the taste of the water that comes out of the home faucets. You could purchase jugs of water from the store, but that can get tedious to always make trips. Instead, you could invest in a water filter. There are so many options, including filters that attach to the sink faucet. Others integrate into the piping.

If you’re not handy or are renting, there are some easy-peasy water jugs with built-in filtration that will get you cool and crisp-tasting water quickly. There are even some water bottles with built-in filters.  Some will even communicate with an app to notify you how often you’ve refilled and how close to your goal you are.

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Hydrate for Your Health

Drinking water shouldn’t feel like a big chore. You can build this healthy habit with simple steps. Pretty soon, you won’t even think about it because it’ll be a natural part of your routine. Make your summer a healthier one. Drink (water) to your health.

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