Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Car air freshener mounted to ventilation panel.

It happens to the best of us, even when we’re careful. It can sneak up on you and catch you off-guard. All too often, you’re the last one to notice, but many people are too polite to say anything. If you have found out that your car smells, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are some easy tricks to clean your vehicle and make it smell nicer again. Try these tips for keeping your car smelling fresh.

Hidden Dryer Sheets

Many people use dryer sheets to give their clean laundry a light, pleasant scent. And you can bring that freshening scent into your car by placing a stack of 10 dryer sheets into a plastic bag with several holes. Stow the bag under one of the seats and get long-lasting freshness for very little money.

Baking Soda Basics

You can clean your car’s inside thoroughly and still end up with lingering odors. Neutralize those odors with a box of baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda on the floors or the seats, especially where the kids are spilling drinks and making messes. Let the baking soda sit for several hours, then vacuum it up.

Herbal Remedies

Fresh herbs smell amazing and can even lift your mood. Try tucking a few sprigs of your favorite herbs, like mint or rosemary, into your visor, or place them on your dashboard for a natural and delightfully fresh aroma.

White Vinegar Wow

While vinegar has a strong smell, it can work wonders in helping to reduce car odors. You can use a vinegar solution to clean your windows and car surfaces, but also consider spraying some white vinegar anywhere you think might be holding onto smells. The strong vinegar smell will fade, and you might notice that it helps reduce stinky odors.

Avoid Smells in the First Place

Kids and pets can create messes and cause many smelly car problems. Investing in removable and washable seat covers can keep those odors from sinking into the seats. In addition, consider replacing your car mats with rubber mats that are easy to rinse off and won’t absorb mildew and old food smells so easily.

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The Coffee Grounds Trick

Coffee grounds are amazing at neutralizing strong odors. Shake some grounds into a container with holes poked in the top, and put the container in your car overnight or keep it under the seat. You can periodically refresh the grounds to keep odors under control.

Try some of these simple hacks and hit refresh on your car. But there are some smells you shouldn’t try to cover up or ignore. If you suddenly smell burning carpet, gasoline, or burning rubber and it lingers, then you might have a mechanical issue. At Cavender Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM in Columbus, Texas, our service department technicians can help diagnose the source of your car’s smell. Make an appointment today to have your vehicle checked out thoroughly.

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