Get A Little Too Much Sun? Try This To Soothe The Burn

Close up of woman applying moisturizer on sunburned skin

Unlike at any other time of the year, summer is perfect for outdoor activities. Whether it’s swimming, sunbathing, hiking, picnicking, or just being out and about, people love spending time in the sun. However, summertime is also prime time for sunburns. Without proper protection, your skin can burn in a matter of just several minutes. This can be dangerous and painful. The good news is there are ways to treat sunburns and heal your skin.

Stay Hydrated

Water is crucial during the summer. For example, drinking plenty of water when it’s hot will help to prevent dehydration and other health issues. But drinking lots of water can also combat sunburns. For instance, a sunburn will draw fluids to the surface of the skin and away from the rest of the body. This can dehydrate you, making you feel weak and light-headed. It can cause headaches and other ailments. Drinking enough fluids prevents this from happening.

Take Cool Baths or Showers

A cool shower or bath will help to relieve the pain from a sunburn. Firstly, the cool water will soothe the skin. Secondly, it will help to relieve the burning sensations. After your bath or shower, dry off with a towel, but leave a little water on your skin. Then, apply a moisturizer. This will trap the moisture on your body and combat the pain the sunburn causes. It will also relieve much of the dryness.

Take Medication

In severe sunburn cases, it can help to take ibuprofen or aspirin. These medications can reduce any swelling that is occurring in your body from the burn. In addition, these medications can reduce redness and any discomfort you are feeling. Make sure to carefully follow the dosage directions of the drugs.

Use Aloe Vera

The moisturizer can do wonders for a sunburn. Importantly, look for products that contain aloe vera or soy. These will soothe the skin and prevent irritation. Focus on specific areas of your body that are in the most pain and where the burns were most prevalent. Furthermore, you can purchase these products at your local grocery store or drug store without a prescription.

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Cover Up

Just about the worst thing, you can do for a sunburn is expose it to the sun even more. Once you have a burn, make sure you cover it up. For instance, wear clothes that cover your skin when you are outside. Tightly woven fabrics are most effective. If you can’t avoid exposing your sunburned skin to the sun, wear sunscreen.

It is common to suffer sunburns in the summer. Moreover, you may be prone to these as you spend time outdoors in Columbus, TX. However, you can treat these injuries effectively by following these guidelines. Use them this summer to stay healthy and safe.

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