Get Creative This Christmas With Gift Wrapping

Unrecognizable woman wrapping Christmas presents in a crafty way.

A lot of people dread wrapping Christmas presents. That’s because they look so ordinary. This year, get creative. You can wrap presents in a way that’ll impress everyone. Although you can find hundreds of excellent ideas online, here are several that’ll turn ordinary wrapped gifts into personalized masterpieces.

Brown Paper Grocery Bags

The next time you go grocery shopping, instead of plastic, ask to have your items placed in brown paper bags. Then, when you get home, you can repurpose the bags to wrap gifts. You can use ribbon or lace to wrap around the present. Also, decorate the bag with colored cutouts in the shapes of stars, Christmas trees, or snowflakes. For something like this, the sky’s the limit.

You can adorn the brown paper bag with an assortment of things. For instance, if you put a red cutout Christmas tree on the bag, add tiny glass pieces as the lights. Moreover, if you add a cutout in the shape of a Christmas stocking, you can embellish it with ribbon and miniature bells.

Cardboard Wrapping Paper Rolls

Instead of throwing these away, save them for the next holiday season. After all, they’re great for wrapping gifts. With these, you can create pillow boxes. That means you place the gift inside the cardboard roll. Then you close each end with glue or staples.

With that complete, you can dress it up any way you want. That includes using lace, ribbon, bells, glass beads, and even scraps of traditional wrapping paper. For one thing, pillow boxes look great. For another, they’re fun to open.

White Butcher or Craft Paper

Using either one, you can make beautiful wrapping for Christmas presents. However, you don’t simply wrap the gift as you would with normal paper. Instead, you use a unique pleating method. When you’re finished, you can stuff a twig of fresh evergreen inside the front flap.

Wrapping Gifts With Fabric

Depending on who’s receiving the gift, you can use red and black flannel, silky peach, or white satin. Here’s how this works. Start with a square piece of fabric. You’ll then fold the corners so that you end up with fabric in the shape of a triangle.

Next, wrap both the bottom and top of the fabric around the present. Follow that by pulling up the other two sides so that everything meets in the middle. Use hot glue to secure the fabric. When finished, decorate it. Again, you can use all kinds of materials to embellish the package based on who you’re giving it to.

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Vintage Christmas Wrapping

Of all the different methods you can use to wrap gifts, this is one of the most popular. You’ll need to find either a vintage map or wrapping paper that looks like a vintage map. Then wrap the present using the traditional method. However, this is when the fun begins. Use things like faux red berries or a leaf-themed piece of ribbon to go around the present several times.

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