Feast At Hartz Chicken Buffet

Fried Chicken

Despite all the changes over the years, the mission of Hartz Chicken has remained the same. That mission is to serve the most delicious fried chicken in the South. After 50 years, Hartz Chicken Buffet has expanded and now offers a full all-you-can-eat buffet with over 65 locations. But no matter how much Hartz Chicken grows, this Texas native is still committed to creating quality fried chicken and food at reasonable prices.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Hartz Chicken Buffet

While there are other restaurants and chains serving up fried chicken, none of them are quite like Hartz Chicken Buffet. Now, with over 65 locations in Texas and Louisiana, there are tons of opportunities to get your Hartz chicken fix. In Columbus, head out to the 71 Business to get to Hartz Chicken Buffet to satisfy your cravings. Hartz combines the satisfaction of an all-you-can-eat buffet with fabulous prices and unparalleled customer service. Lovingly crafted recipes add lots of flavor to each item on the menu. But as good as the chicken is, one of the most favorite menu items is actually the perfectly done oven-fresh yeast roll. You’ll find it a challenge not to eat more than one of these fragrant rolls.

Take Out Some Fried Goodness

If you’ve got a big hunger, then the all-you-can-eat buffet is your ticket. But sometimes, you want that Hartz Chicken taste for your get-together or picnic. Stop by your local Hartz to grab a family-sized order of chicken or tenders. Don’t forget to add an order of livers or gizzards, and make sure you add some delicious sides to complete the meal. Of course, creamy coleslaw is the perfect partner to the crispy chicken. But, you can also choose from the vegetable of the day, satisfying mashed potatoes and gravy, and more.

More Than Chicken

In addition to the flavor-packed sides, Hartz Chicken Buffet also fries up some pretty tasty fish. Get tender fish filets encased in crispy batter with a side and a roll for a pleasant change from chicken. Also, you can get a 12-piece of Krispy Fish with six rolls to take to your next gathering. However, you might want to order extra rolls since six doesn’t seem like enough.

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There’s a Hartz Chicken Buffet Near You

It has been many years since Hartz Chicken expanded from its first location. Undoubtedly, there is a Hartz Chicken Buffet in your area now. So, visit one to satisfy your hunger. Be sure to grab a large, icy drink to wash it all down and definitely bring your appetite. The menu at Hartz isn’t big, but it doesn’t have to be. The mission has been to concentrate on providing the tastiest chicken and the best customer service. And after 50 years, fans agree that Hartz has accomplished exactly that.

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