Dress Your Kiddo Like A Cowboy This Halloween

A cute little boy dressed in cowboy-themed attire while at home

Playing dress-up any day of the year is fun, but there’s something extra special about wearing costumes on Halloween. And although there are tons of costume ideas, sometimes it’s nice to fall back on old favorites. Playing cowboy or cowgirl is fun, and putting the costume together is easy. This Halloween, dress your kiddos like cowgirls and cowboys.

Decide on a Style

Your little cowgirls and cowboys have lots of options when it comes to style. For example, you could go authentic and rustle up some leather chaps and a comfortably worn flannel shirt. Or perhaps your cow-kid prefers a more modern version, with spangles and embroidered stars. Once you decide on the style, you can start looking for all the costume pieces.

Get Thrifty

Ol’ cowhands were a pretty rough-and-tumble bunch. Many had worn denim pants, leather chaps, and hats. You might have some luck by visiting the thrift store. In fact, you can often find cowgirl and cowboy materials there. Although the items might be adult-sized, sometimes you can cut or tailor them to fit your little one. And, of course, while you’re at the thrift store, look for a big belt buckle and a hat for a complete look.

Or Go for a Modern Take

While you might find what you need at the thrift store, the selection can be hit-or-miss. In addition, you might be looking for a more trendy take on fashion. Try looking for embroidered, boot-cut jeans and a chambray or denim button-down shirt. Then, look for some rootin’ tootin’ boots. And don’t forget to add a bolero.

Make Some Accessories

Of course, cowgirls and cowboys need a horse to ride in on. And you can still find hobby horses in some toy departments. However, they’re not as popular a toy as they used to be. Instead, make a ‘hoss’ for your little one. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tutorials online that can help you create this very important piece. And for most, you’ll only need a few items and supplies you likely already have. And your kiddo might surprise you and get a lot of fun out of it even after Halloween.

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The Finishing Touches

In addition to your kiddo’s hat, boots, and hobby horse, don’t forget about the finishing touches. For example, does your little cowhand have a bandana or two? Or, instead, maybe your wrangler is an expert at the lasso. In addition, you can craft some cardboard spurs and add some leather gloves. Perhaps your cowgirl needs a sheriff’s badge. Or maybe your kids and their friends can form a wild ridin’ posse. The important part is to have fun and enjoy the creativity. Then, your kids can have fun on Halloween as they gallop from house to house.


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