Drills You Can Do At Home With Your Little Leaguer

Spring and summer baseball season is here. Wooden bat, glove, and weathered ball lying on baseball field in late afternoon sun. No people. Great background image.

Spring and summer baseball season is here.  Wooden bat, glove, and weathered ball lying on baseball field in late afternoon sun.  No people.  Great background image.

For many, the spring season is synonymous with little league. This is especially true for those in the Columbus, Texas community. If you have little one playing little league this season, then you want to make sure that they have a fun time out there. When it is their first season of little league, it can be a little daunting and difficult grasping everything that happens at practice. You can help your child grasp the basics of baseball, whether it is their first season or not, with these little league drills suggested by Mommy Poppins that you can do at home.

Practice Tee Time

Whether they are a newbie or a seasoned little leaguer, it is essential to stick with the fundamentals. For this reason, you should let your kid practice regularly at home hitting the ball on a tee. Your child needs to feel comfortable holding the bat as well as swinging it. What’s more, tee time helps your kid learn the proper way to stand when at the bat.

Fielding on Two Knees

This drill is a lot of fun because it is very interactive and will require you to get out there in the yard with your little one. Facing each other, you both need to get on your knees. Be sure to give yourselves at least six feet of space between each other. As you are on your knees, you and your child should have your arms extended with the elbows slightly bent and the palms facing up. You can start with bare hands and progress to incorporating a glove once you have mastered the drill a couple of rounds.

In this position with your palms up and on your knees, you will bounce the baseball with your right hand onto the ground, aiming for your child’s left hand. The object is for them to catch the ball in their left hand. They will then switch the ball into their right hand and bounce it to you. This is a great drill to help with your child’s dexterity.

Wall Ball

For a drill that aids in agility, you should try practicing Wall Ball with your child. Find a wall on the side of your house, garage, or even in your basement. Your little leaguer will need to stand 10 to 15 feet away from the wall as you stand slightly behind your child. You will bounce the ball off the wall with your kid trying to catch it. Start bouncing the ball of the wall gently at first. As your child improves, you can always amp up the speed as well as the angle of the ball.

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Classic Game of Catch

While there are new drills constantly being created to help your child’s baseball skills, there is nothing quite like a classic game of catch between you and your little leaguer. With glove in hand, simply throw and catch back and forth with one another. It is a great drill as well as wonderful pastime.

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