There Is A Wagoneer For Everyone

CJD Wagoneer

CJD Wagoneer

When it comes to safe and reliable vehicles, it’s hard to beat a Wagoneer. Not only are they smooth on the highway but also tough over more rugged terrain. The broad selection of series and trims is why so many people want a 2023 Wagoneer.

The List of Options

As you can see, the Wagoneer is an excellent choice for all drivers. Here are the various options:

  • Wagoneer Series I, Series L I, Series III, and Series L III – Available in both two-wheel and four-wheel-drive
  • Wagoneer Carbide – Two-wheel and four-wheel-drive
  • Grand Wagoneer Series I, Series LI, Series II, Series L II, Series III, and Series L III – Four-wheel-drive only
  • Grand Wagoneer Series II Obsidian, Series L II Obsidian, Series III, and Series L III – Four-wheel-drive


As expected, the higher-end Series offer more advances. Even so, all of the Wagoneer Jeeps come with state-of-the-art technology. One example is the available Wagoneer Connect. Using a remote control, you can access a host of features and services with this app. Wireless connectivity is another example.


The unrivaled capability of the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer is another reason why so many people choose this vehicle. You can choose from three different four-wheel-drive systems. In addition, they come with the Selec-Terrain Management System, or this system combined with a two-speed low transfer case.

As for the 2023 Wagoneer’s towing capability, it maxes out at 10,000 pounds. That provides tremendous flexibility whether you need to tow things for work or pleasure. Then, there’s the Quadra-Lift Air Suspension system. This available feature provides 10 inches of ground clearance, as well as 3.6 inches of suspension travel.


Safety is paramount. For this reason, it designs and builds its lineup to provide drivers and passengers with the best protection possible. Here are some of the 2023 Wagoneer safety features:

  • Intersection Collision Assist
  • Active Lane Management System
  • Drowsy Driver Detection
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • 360-degree surround camera
  • Adaptive Cruise Control complete with Stop and Go

Enhances to the 2023 Lineup

For the latest lineup, Wagoneer expanded on several things. For instance, its wheelbase increased by seven inches. Not only that, but there’s also a five-inch increase in the rear overhang. For that reason, you’ll enjoy more cargo space.

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The Bottom Line

You have many incredible options, each with unique characteristics. In addition, you’ll enjoy the various upgrades and enhancements. However, you still need to choose the Series that’s right for you. Contact Cavender CJDR in Columbus, Texas, to schedule a test drive today.

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