Gardening Steps To Take This March

woman potting plant at home

woman potting plant at home

The first day of spring is Sunday, March 20, which is sure to be here before we know it. The season is full of pollen, baseball, soccer, rainy showers, and of course, gardening. If you want to get a head start and refresh your memory with this spring gardening care plan, keep reading.

Do Away with Winter Damage

Depending on the climate, you may have taken measures to protect your plants from ice or freezing. If you used burlap for protection, remove them. If there are any damaged areas of the plant, remove those, that way, your plants can progress into spring.

Check on the Houseplants

Keeping it green in your house too? It may be time to repot your houseplants as well. Check for signs of insect infestation or root issues. Now, repot them and change up your plant care system for spring with an increase of water!

Roses are Blooming

March is the time of year that roses really start to come to life. As the buds develop, make sure you are keeping track of a clean up schedule. Surrounding fallen leaves or debris can cause the roses to die. Throw in some fresh mulch to give those blooms the nutrients they need.

Spring-Approved Flowers

Has winter come and gone? Here in Texas, it won’t be long before spring is here to stay, so, it’s safe to plant cannas, dahlias, and gladiolas. If it’s quite chilly still where you are located, it’s better to wait, as a freeze can kill off these blooms.

Try Planting Veggies

Maybe you have mastered planting flowers, but you are scared to try vegetables. Planting veggies has several benefits, from eating fresh and unharmful foods to simply just the convenience, it’s a great time investment. This March, you can plant peas, radishes, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, and peas.

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